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From the flatbed of a "Jeff Underwood Trucking" semi, Wyoming's tree traveled throughout the state visiting nearly 30 cities and towns before it journeyed to Washington, D.C. The Wyoming state tour took 7 days.

The Capitol Christmas Tree 2010 made frequent stops across the nation on its way to Washington, D.C., and was escorted by federal officials. The national tour took another 10 days.

The tree traveled on a double flatbed truck. Placed on its side, it rested in a custom cradle that supported the branches, preventing damage and maintaining the tree's perfect shape.

A caravan of approximately 12 vehicles, included two semi-trucks, that escorted the tree east. The Capitol Christmas Tree 2010 traveled more than 3,000 miles during its three-week tour.

The base of the tree was fitted with a plastic bladder filled with fresh water nightly. The tree absorbed about 65 gallons of water each day throughout its trek to Washington, D.C.

One other semi wasl used to transport the ornaments to Washington, D.C.

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